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Wrap & Tie Apron Vest Pattern

Wrap & Tie Apron Vest Pattern

“Versatile charm.”

We love the versatility of this piece—its look changes by simply adjusting the ties. Wrap and tie it across the front for the charm of a worker’s apron or kitchen coverall. Or wear it open for an elegant, elongated drape. Or lower the tie placement for more asymmetry. And with a stitch pattern that’s attractive on both sides, we’re touting its reversibility!

The Wrap & Tie Apron Vest is designed at a sport-weight gauge; we knit it with two lace-weight yarns held together, Isager Bomulin and Silk Mohair.

This eight-page pattern includes:

  • Color photography by Laura Gehring
  • Special Techniques
    • Swatching for Gauge
    • ‘Clip & Turn’ Short-Row Shaping
    • Adjusting Body Length
  • Comprehensive sizing schematic
  • Instructions for seaming, blocking, and finishing your piece.

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