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Fair Winds Beanie & Scarf Using Berroco Ultra Alpaca

Fair Winds Beanie & Scarf Using Berroco Ultra Alpaca

"I wish you fair winds and following seas."

This nautical blessing describes that happy confluence of good fortune and the good sense to go with the flow. The simple braid pattern on the scarf has cable twists on alternating sides for complete reversibility. The cables on the cap converge neatly at the crest. Both promise smooth sailing!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca's perfectly round spin and structure showcase cables beautifully. Peruvian Highland wool has bounce to balance the drape of alpaca. And delightfully soft, Ultra Alpaca is also great for warmth but not too hot, making these projects perfect for multi-season wear and also a favorite for men. With a wonderful choice of colors in heathers and solids, wouldn't it be fun to have a basket of these by the front door, ready for your next adventure?!

Beanie is knit in the round; scarf is knit flat. Instructions for both are given in text format as well as charted.

We've picked a few favorite shades below, but you can check out the full selection of colors on the Berroco Ultra Alpaca page. You'll need 1 skein for the hat and 3 skeins for the scarf (4 skeins for a set).

Digital Fair Winds Beanie & Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed Fair Winds Beanie & Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 6204 Buckwheat. Medium mousey brown.

COLOR: 6206 Light Grey. Heathery blend of light greys.

COLOR: 6281 Redwood Mix. Rich brick red.

COLOR: 6285 Oceanic Mix. Heathery mix of tealy blue-greens.

COLOR: 6292 Tigers Eye. Heathery coppers and warm tans.

COLOR: 6294 Turquoise Mix. Heathery tropical-sea blue.

COLOR: 62173 Forest Mix. Heathery olive greens and browns.

COLOR: 62189 Barley. Classic natural flax.

COLOR: 62174 Dungaree Mix. Grey with hints of green and magenta.

COLOR: 6299 Lichen Mix. Warm herbal green with golden overtones.





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