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Errata & Clarifications

In spite of our best efforts we sometimes find errata in our Churchmouse patterns. Or we discover ways to clarify and improve our knitting instructions. All the PDFs currently available for download have been corrected where necessary, but there may be printed patterns in the world that contain slight errors. Here's how to check your printed copy:



To find the pattern date, look in the lower left corner on the front of the pattern. Four numbers are the month and year, i.e., 1012 = October 2012. Six numbers are the month, day and year, i.e., 081511 = August 15th, 2011. This date is updated after there is a change to the pattern.



In patterns dated before January 6, 2015, there were errors in the cast-on for the cowl. The provisional cast-on should be in waste yarn, not CC. Also, the first stripe sequence should begin with 18 rounds CC, not 17 rounds.

Errata. The cowl 'Cast-on' section on page 3 should read:

Using 16”/40cm circular needle and waste yarn, use provisional cast-on method (see Special Technique, page 2) to cast on 92 sts. This is Round 1 of stripe sequence. Place marker and prepare to join in round using CC, being careful not to twist.

Errata. The “Accelerating stripe sequence” on page 3 should read:
Begin stripe sequence as follows:
Knit 18 rounds with CC.
Knit 18 rounds with MC.



In patterns dated before April 2013 there was an error in the 'Toe' portion of the pattern. While we were at it, we added instructions on how to knit the 1-round spiraling stripes version.


Errata. In the first printing of the pattern, we asked you to slip the first st of toe decrease Round 2 the first time you worked it, to eliminate the jog where the color changed. That text should have read the first time you worked 'Round 1'. Please substitute the following text for the beginning of the 'Toe' section:

Change to toe color (and double-points, if necessary) and knit one round, working 12 (16, 20) sts onto each needle. Work toe decrease rounds as follows: Note: The first time you work Round 1, slip first st of round to help eliminate jog where color changes.
Round 1 (dec): Needle 1: Knit to last 3 sts, K2Tog, K1; Needle 2: K1, SSK, knit to end; Needle 3: Knit to last 3 sts, K2Tog, K1; Needle 4: K1, SSK, knit to end.
Round 2: Knit.


Clarification. Also, we have a clarification for those of you who choose to make a stocking with 1-round spiraling stripes. You do need to treat the heel insertion differently here than if you were making a solid color or a wider striped stocking.
With a 1-round spiraling stripe you have to cut your yarn at the heel placement. Otherwise, when you come back to take your waste yarn out, you'll have one color connected to the other and won't be able to open up your heel. Given that, and the idea that you want to keep your stripes lined up, work your heel placement round as follows:

Knit 1 full round with whatever stripe color you are using. Cut both colors, leaving tails to weave in later. Slip ¼ of your total number of sts back onto your left needle pwise and knit them plus ¼ more on the other side of your beginning-of-round marker onto waste yarn (half of your total number of sts worked in waste yarn). Slip back to the beginning of the round. Leaving a tail to weave in later, join the next color in your striping sequence and knit 1 full round. Continue with foot in spiraling stripes as established.  



In patterns dated before March 4, 2013, there is an error in one of the inch-to-centimeter conversions in the ‘Step 6. Foot’ section.


Clarification. 7" = 18cm (not 28cm, as stated).



In patterns dated before September 3, 2015, there were errors on page 5, where several WS rows begin with the yarn in the wrong position.

Errata. In the 'Front right shoulder & neck shaping' section on page 5, WS rows 8, 10, 12, 14, & 16 should begin WYIF, not WYIB. For instance, row 8 should read:

Row 8 (WS): WYIF Sl 1; purl to neck marker, SM, purl to end.

Also, there was a bit of a math goof in the box on Page 4, 'Customizing Body Length'. The numbers should match those shown in the schematic on the last page of the pattern.

Errata. In the 'Customizing Body Length' box on page 4, the numbers should read:

"Measure your total desired length from high-shoulder point (where shoulder meets neck) to hem. Take into account that the armhole, shoulder and neck shaping rows (at specified row gauge) will add approx. 9 (9 1⁄2, 10, 10 1⁄2, 10 3⁄4)”/23 (24, 25.5, 26.5, 27.5)cm of length."



In patterns dated before February 2012 there was an error in the optional beaded bind-off portion of the pattern. While we were at it, we added a clarification to the PBRN maneuver described in the glossary.


Errata. The italic text describing the beaded embellishment option should read:

This scarf is so simple, it invites embellishment. Here's a clever way to add beads to the very edge of your bound-off ends: K1, *PBRN (see glossary), K1, lift beaded stitch over K1 to bind off.* Repeat between * * until 1 stitch remains. PBRN; cut yarn and pull tail through beaded stitch.


Clarification. The pattern glossary, PBRN now reads:

PBRN = place bead onto stitch on right needle (slip a bead onto crochet hook; remove right needle from stitch and insert hook into stitch; using left thumb and forefinger to pinch base of stitch and pulling for a little tension with hook, slide bead onto stitch with right fingertips; replace needle back into beaded stitch (don't twist stitch).




In printed patterns before May 24, 2014, there are two errors in the "Pattern row" section.


Errata. In the "Pattern row" section, at the end of the first line, this should be added: Ch 2, turn.
Also, the last line of the "Pattern row" section should read: "Change to smaller hook." (the "Ch2 turn" should be removed). In the "Twisted fringe" section, the second sentence should read "Attach 18 (27) 2-strand clusters every other row (or evenly spaced) across ends of scarf . . ."




In patterns dated before October 12, 2014 there were errors in the 'Left front armhole & neck shaping' and 'Left front short-row shoulder shaping' portions of the pattern. Also, measurements were missing from the shoulder portion of the schematic.


Errata. Click the link to download the pdf containing the corrections: Go-To Cardigan Errata.




In patterns dated before April 2013 there was an error in the text describing the outer layer portion of the cowl.


Errata. Outer layer (both options):

One-color version: Continue in MC.
Two-color version: Break CC yarn, leaving an 8"/20cm tail. Change to MC.


Both versions: Knit every round until outer layer measures same as inner layer, ending at marker. Note: If you're knitting the two-color cowl, it's important that your inner and outer layers are exactly the same length.


If grafting, break yarn, leaving a 3 (4) yd/m tail. If seaming, bind off very loosely; cut yarn, leaving a 2 (3) yd/m tail.



In patterns dated September 6, 2016, there is an error in the ‘Back armhole shaping (both versions)’ section on page 3.


Errata. ‘Dec row (RS)’ should read:

SSK, knit to last 2 sts, K2Tog. [2 sts dec’d]



In patterns dated before June 2013, there was an error in two portions of the pattern.


Errata. The last paragraph of the Magic three-yarn sequence section should read:

Repeat Row 1-3 until scarf/wrap is desired width, ending with a Row 2 (remember that as your scarf stretches in length, it will narrow in width), or you have completed Row 2 and have plenty of Yarn C for both bind-off rows.

In addition, our fringing notes were incomplete: we counted our rows and fringed with 4-strand clusters every 3 rows, on each end. Cut 112 14" lengths of both yarns A and C.


Clarification. And, to clarify how we worked the Magic Three-Yarn Wrap shown in our pattern, we added the following note to our recipe card:

Note: We found yarn B distorted our bound-off edge, we ended with Row 1 (yarn A) before bind-off.



In patterns printed after April 2012, we chose to add the set-up steps common with working Kitchener stitch. Although with the slight curl at the edges of the piece, you may not miss them. Knitter's choice!


Clarification. Kitchener stitch grafting.

Set-up steps:

Insert darning needle into first st on front needle as if to purl, leave st on needle and pull yarn through. Insert darning needle into first st on back needle as if to knit, leave st on needle and pull yarn through.



In patterns dated before May 2012 there was an error in the self-striping portion of the pattern. While we were at it, we added a clarification to our Basic Granny Square instructions.


Errata. Self-Striping Version.

...Work Basic Granny Square, repeating Round 4 until you've worked 38 (50, 16) rounds...


Clarification. Basic Granny Square.

Round 3 should end:

...With a Sl St, join to top of sc/ch2 at beginning of round (if changing color, pull sl st through with new color).

Round 4 should read:

...*(3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC) into ch2 corner space, Ch 1, (3 DC, Ch 1) into each ch1 space*. Repeat between * * twice more. (3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC) into next ch2 corner space, Ch 1. With a Sl St, join to top of sc/ch2 at beginning of round (if changing color, pull sl st through with new color).



In patterns dated before November 2012, there was an error in the tubular cast on portion of the pattern.


Errata. In the Tubular cast on section, Round 3 should be designated (WS) and read:

Round 3 (WS): *K1, YF, Sl1, YB*; repeat between * * to end. Note: Hat worked with WS facing; turned RS out upon completion.



In patterns dated September 6, 2016, there is an error in the ‘Right sleeve cap and saddle tab’ section on page 6.

Errata. Page 6, right column, eighth line should read:

Next row (RS dec): SSK, purl knit to end.

There is also an error in the ‘Left sleeve cap and saddle tab’ section on page 7.

Errata. Page 7, left column, eleventh line should read:

Next row (WS dec): P2Tog, knit purl to end.



In printed patterns before June 9, 2014, there is one error and one omission in Row 3 of the “Edging” section.


Errata. In the “Edging” section, the first sentence of Row 3 (RS) should read:

K1, M1, K1, *K1TBL (into YO from prior row), K3*; repeat between * * to last 3 sts, end K1TBL, K1, M1, K1. [163 sts]



In adaptations before September 3, 2015 (i.e. not dated), there is one error in the written instructions beneath the chart.


Errata. In the written instructions beneath Gansey Chart III, the second sentence should read:

"Work 12-stitch repeat 12 times each round."



In patterns dated before June 2013, there was an error in the dk-weight optional buttonhole row of the wrap — third page, first column of the original pattern.


Errata. In the Ending border section, the optional buttonhole row for a dk-weight wrap should read as follows to keep seed st patterning correct:

Optional buttonhole row, dk-weight version: K1, P1, YO, P2Tog, *(K1, P1) 5 times, YO, P2Tog*; repeat between * * until 3 sts remain, K1, P1, K1.