3-Needle Bind-Off

Posted by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on February 16, 2019

3-Needle Bind-Off

The 3-needle bind-off joins two pieces of knitting together, while binding off at the same time. It’s firm, yet elastic, and nicely lines up the stitches on both pieces of your knitting—all excellent reasons that it’s one of our preferred methods for joining the shoulders of a sweater. No pucker, no sag!

We use it in a few of our Churchmouse Classics sweaters—the Flat Rib Popover, the Modern Wrapper and Modern Wrapper Fine, the Slouchy Pullover, and the Go-To Cardigan.

Joining with 3-Needle Bind-Off in Stockinette Stitch

To get started, you’ll need a third needle that matches the gauge of the needles with which you’ve been working.

Step 1: Hold front and back shoulders—right sides (RS) facing each other—in left hand. (It’s easiest to hold the two needles together as if they are one.) Join in new strand of yarn. Insert right needle first into stitch on front left needle, then into stitch on back left needle and knit the two stitches together (k2tog).

Step 2: Repeat. Just as in traditional bind-offs, you need two stitches on the right needle . . .

Step 3: . . . so you can lift the first stitch over the second stitch to bind off.

Step 4: Work firmly and evenly until all stitches are bound off (cut yarn and pull through last stitch). Turn right side out when completed and gently steam press the seam using a press cloth.