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Mouse Points FAQ

What are Mouse Points?

Welcome to our new rewards program! Whenever you purchase anything from Churchmouse, online or in our store, you’ll earn Mouse Points. Get enough and you’ll earn a discount!

How do I earn Mouse Points?

Earn one point per every dollar spent. The more points you accrue, the more your points are worth:

  • 300 Mouse Points = $10 off
  • 600 Mouse Points = $25 off
  • 900 Mouse Points = $50 off
  • 1200 Mouse Points = $75 off
  • 1500 Mouse Points = $110 off

Points never expire, and they have no cash value. Please note: purchases before August 2019 are not retroactively eligible. To convert your unused Yarn Cards, see below.

How else can I earn Mouse Points?

There are two other ways to earn:

  • Via the Mouse Points panel, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for 15 points each. Valid once per customer.
  • Refer a friend! Via the Mouse Points panel, share a unique-to-you link to our shop with a friend. They’ll get a free shipping offer, and once they complete a purchase using that offer, you’ll get 25 points! You can refer as many friends as you like.

How do I sign up?

Mouse Points are automatically connected to your Churchmouse Account online or the email address you use in the store.

What if I use more than one email address?

We can’t combine points from different accounts or different email addresses, so now is a good time to choose which email address you want to use when shopping in the store and/or for your Churchmouse Account on

How do I use my discount?

In the store, your points will appear at checkout when we input your email address. If a discount is available, you can use it then.
Online, you can only use your Mouse Points through your Churchmouse Account.

Can I use Mouse Points online without an account?

Online, the only way to use Mouse Points is through your Churchmouse Account. But don’t worry! An account is super easy to set up. And it has other benefits. Go here to learn how.

Are there restrictions?

Mouse Point discounts can be applied to purchases of sale items but cannot be combined with other discount codes. Also, they can’t be used to buy Gift Cards.

How do I track my Mouse Points?

In the store, your Mouse Points will appear when we type in your email address at checkout. Online, you can see your Mouse Points by logging into your Churchmouse Account and clicking the tea leaf icon in the bottom-right corner.

What do I do with my old “Yarn Cards”?

Mail your Yarn Cards to us at the address below with your name and email address included, and we’ll convert your “Yarn Cards” into Mouse Points at double the amount shown (i.e. $100 on a Yarn Card equals 200 Mouse Points)!

179 Madrone Lane, Suite 100
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Important points about Mouse Points

You’ll find these details helpful:

  • Use only one email address. If you use two or more, you’ll have multiple sets of Mouse Points and they can’t be combined.
  • Online, you must have a Churchmouse Account to earn points or use your discount(s).
  • Every single dollar you spend earns one Mouse Point.
  • You can use your discount code(s) on everything except buying a Gift Card.