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Tea Brewing Tools

Tea Brewing Tools

"Getting to the Perfect Cuppa." 

The right tool makes any ritual a pleasure, so why should brewing your favorite cuppa be any different? We think this collection of handy tools makes brewing loose tea or tea bags a breeze.  Keep extras in your office, your purse and on the boat.

A nice roomy infuser will get so much more flavor (and value) out of your tea leaves than the typical tea ball. Our favorite stainless steel infuser has extra fine (.3mm) holes so you can brew even the finest teas such as Rooibos. It's just the right size for our favorite Emma Bridgewater half-pint mugs and will fit most teapots with a 2½" opening. Dishwasher safe; do not microwave.

We like to use the same spoon every time we measure our leaves. It helps us get to know what we like so we can get it right every time. This stainless steel scoop is calibrated for a one-cup serving: a level spoonful for small or broken leaves, heaping for a fluffy, large leaf tea. Or to taste—you're the expert!

Bamboo tea tongs work reliably to lift any tea bag from your favorite mug, or teapot (and give it a little squeeze!). We like to have several pairs in the kitchenthey're useful for cooking and toast, too.  Casually serve sugar cubes at tea time, too.

You-fill tea bags make it so easy to use loose tea. Made in Japan of a fine-mesh material, they're disposable and won't affect the flavor of your tea. Perfect for travel, we like to pre-fill our tea bags and carry them in a tin so we can brew our favorite blend anywhere, anytime.




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