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Oval Crocheted Pouches - Rowan Handknit Cotton Version

Oval Crocheted Pouches - Rowan Handknit Cotton Version

"Handy and cute!"

These pouches came about as we were scaling down our Oval Crocheted Bucket Bags, 'til we arrived at zippered pouches, perfect for notions, cosmetics, projects . . . . A bag for all reasons! We made two sizes (one or two skeins), but this design is super customizablesimply keep crocheting 'til it's the size you like!

We love our little poucheslined or notfor keeping all of our little things nice and tidy. Putting in the zipper is easyjust use a sharp needle and matching thread and you're all set! Have fun using some of your favorite fabrics (you'll just need 1/4 of a yard for these cuties!).

Pick up a copy of the pattern below, and then choose a color for your pouchyou'll need 1 skein for the smaller pouch or 2 skeins for the larger size. (For a full selection of colors, go to the Rowan Handknit Cotton page.) And don't forget a coordinating zipperwe love the chunky brass zips below!

Smaller pouch: 7 x 2½" base x 3¼" tall/18 x 6cm base x 8cm tall.
Larger pouch: 7 x 2½" base x 6½" tall/18 x 6cm base x 16.5cm tall.

Smaller pouch: 1 skein Rowan Handknit Cotton (93 yds/85m each); shown in Colors 356, 350, 205. Or approx. 93 yds/85m of a strong worsted weight cotton or hemp yarn.
Larger pouch: 2 skeins Rowan Handknit Cotton (93 yds/85m each); shown in Colors 347 and 344. Or approx. 175 yds/160m of a strong worsted weight cotton or hemp yarn.

US E/4 (3.5mm) crochet hook, or size to obtain gauge.
4 locking markers, one in a different color.
Blunt darning needle to finish.
9"/23cm zipper; sewing needle; thread to match yarn.
Optional lining for pouches: A piece of light-weight fabric measuring about 40"/102cm wide and at least 2"/5cm longer than the height of your pouch or bag; sewing needle and thread.

Approx. 20 sc/24 rounds = 4"/10 cm on gauge hook.

The fabric made with the Handknit Cotton is very firm, so choose a crochet hook with a comfortable grip.

New to crochet, or want some additional support? Pick up our Learn-to-Crochet Companion for all the skills you'll need to complete this project, and many more!

Digital Oval Crocheted Bucket Bags & Pouches pattern. (Download)

Printed Oval Crocheted Bucket Bags & Pouches pattern. (Requires shipping.)

9" brass zipper on black fabric.

9" brass zipper on khaki fabric.

COLOR: 205 Linen. A latte with a lot of milk.

COLOR: 215 Rosso. Ripe tomato red.

COLOR: 252 Black. Deepest black.

COLOR: 277 Turkish Plum. Dark navy blue.

COLOR: 344 Pesto. A grassy herbal green.

COLOR: 346 Atlantic. Tropical turquoise.

COLOR: 347 Slate. Medium grey.

COLOR: 350 Florence. Muted pumpkin.

COLOR: 353 Violet. The blue-purple of an African violet.

COLOR: 364 Bee. Golden marigold.

COLOR: 334 Delphinium. Medium lavender purple.

COLOR: 356 Raspberry. Deep rosy pink.







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