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Blossom Baby Sweater Using Trendsetter Blossom

Blossom Baby Sweater Using Trendsetter Blossom

"For your wee blossom or bud."

We can’t imagine a simpler—or more adorable—little sweater. When Mary Jo Blazina added this cutie to our repertoire, she designed it in Trendsetter Yarns Blossom—available to us once again and we are so glad!

It’s a heavy worsted-weight nylon blend that’s wonderfully ideal for those small, sweet baby things. In this fluffy chenille yarn, the Blossom Baby Sweater will be a breeze to knit, soft as breath, and completely washable. Choose a color from this parade of candy-coated brights, spangled with rainbow spurts—perfect for your spunky ‘blossom’ or cuddly ‘bud.’

Grab the pattern and the yarn below. You'll need 2 skeins for the smaller size and 3 skeins for the larger size.

Digital Blossom Baby Sweater pattern. (Download)

Printed Blossom Baby Sweater pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 352 Charcoal. Grey with a bluish-purple undertone.

COLOR: 13 White. Snowy white.

COLOR: 350 Purple. Vibrant amethyst.

COLOR: 343 Rose. Happy pink.

COLOR: 347 Farmer Red. Orangey-red.

COLOR: 344 Lime. Mossy chartreuse green.

COLOR: 345 Cactus. Turquoise green.

COLOR: 10 Black. Matte black.





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