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Pretty Perfect Square: Colorblocked With Pinstripe Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Pretty Perfect Square: Colorblocked With Pinstripe Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze







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The Design

“Infinite styling possibilities.”

This simple, lightweight knit square mimics the shape and scale of a classic silk scarf. I-cord edgings and bind-off details create the look of a hand-rolled hem. This pattern is more of a ‘recipe,’ really, with details given for three variations and tips on how to create your own.

We knit this version of the Pretty Perfect Square in silky, fuzzy favorite, Rowan Kidsilk Haze—with two large, color blocks split by a contrasting pinstripe. Delicate and fine, with a lovely halo, Kidsilk Haze creates scarves that are slightly sheer, weightless, and warm.

Pick up the pattern below and choose a colorway from the combinations we’ve tried and loved. Each colorway contains 3 skeins of Color A, 2 skeins of Color B, and a 12 yd winding for the contrasting pinstripe, enough to make the 36” square pictured (adjust yardage if changing size). Visit the Rowan Kidsilk Haze page to choose your own colors! We're offering spools with 12 yard windings for pinstriping if you decide to make your own colorway.

The Details

This scarf can be made in any size you like. Our color-blocked sample measures approx. 36"/91.5 cm square, after blocking.

6 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (229 yds/210m each) in three colors; sample shown in 3 skeins of Color A = 580, 2 skeins of Color B = 641, and 1 skein (or approx. 12 yds/m) of Color C = 683.
Or equivalent amounts of lace-weight mohair yarn in three colors.

US 3 (3.25mm) circular needle (to knit off both ends), or size to get gauge.
US G/6 (4mm) crochet hook for provisional cast-on.
Smooth fine yarn (knotting cord or Perle Cotton work well) for provisional cast-on.
Locking marker.
Fine blunt darning needle to finish.
Fine gauge blocking wires and T-pins; or lots of fork blocking pins.

24 sts = 4"/10cm in stockinette stitch, after blocking. Row gauge determined from swatch.

Don’t skip the swatching on this one! Though it's a simple stockinette square, swatching will give you an opportunity to practice techniques, make sure you love your fabric and calculate how many rows you'll need to get a perfect square. You will also be able to play with colors and striping sequences, so you're sure to love your finished product. We've provided details for the samples shown, but have also given you a basic recipe to follow so that you can create your own unique variations.

Digital Pretty Perfect Square pattern. (Download)

Printed Pretty Perfect Square pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLORWAY: Golden Poppy (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 580 + 2 skeins 641 + 1 spool 683)

COLORWAY: Laguna (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 660 + 2 skeins 612 + 1 spool 685)

COLORWAY: Wicked (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 590 + 2 skeins 676 + 1 spool 599)

COLORWAY: Eve Green (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 680 + 2 skeins 611 + 1 spool 684)

COLORWAY: Candy Girl (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 639 + 2 skeins 590 + 1 spool 606)

COLORWAY: Gem (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 691 + 2 skeins 692 + 1 spool 606)

COLORWAY: Opal (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 689 + 2 skeins 690 + 1 spool 685)

COLORWAY: Lustre (Kidsilk Haze in 3 skeins 687 + 2 skeins 686 + 1 spool 683)

SPOOL COLOR: 683 Golden Poppy

SPOOL COLOR: 685 Laguna

SPOOL COLOR: 599 Wicked

SPOOL COLOR: 684 Eve Green

SPOOL COLOR: 597 Jelly

SPOOL COLOR: 606 Candy Girl

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