Brewing Tips

Finer Points:

The Water should be sprightly. Run the tap for a few minutes to clear the “flat” water in the pipes.

The Pot should be warmed: flavor is unleashed by heat. Let the pot sit with hot water for a few minutes before brewing. Avoid washing the pot: soap leaves a film that affects flavor. Just rinse the pot and let it dry with the lid off.

Measure Tea to suit your taste. Begin by trying a teaspoon per cup – a heaping one for large leaf tea, a level one for crushed leaves or “fannings.” To make tea stronger, don’t brew it longer: use more tea in your next pot.

Boil the Water rapidly but stop as soon as it bubbles or you’ll “boil it to death." This will dull the flavor.

Brew Loose Tea to get the most out of each little leaf. If your pot must serve multiple cups over time, or if you simply don’t like dealing with the detritus of wet leaves, use a large infuser or enjoy tea in bags.

Use a Timer. All teas brew to different hues: you can’t tell readiness by color. Why risk a bitter cup by over-brewing when science has given us the timer?

Stir before serving to blend the flavors evenly. And now that you’ve taken the trouble to brew a decent cup of tea, please don’t rush through the act of enjoying it. Cheers!