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Sideways Tee Using Rowan Felted Tweed

Sideways Tee Using Rowan Felted Tweed

“A cozy, woolly tee.”

This deceptively simple top is cleverly knit from the center out to each side, rather than from top to bottom or vice versa. A modern pivot to a familiar style! A tapered shape allows for plenty of ease at the bust, while providing a relaxed and flattering bottom edge at hip length.

We’ve knit the Sideways Tee in Rowan Felted Tweed—a warm, woolly favorite. This fiber is on the finer side of DK-weight and blends merino wool with alpaca and viscose. As a result, it has softness and spring, drape and luster—and so many beautiful color options! Felted Tweed is perfect for a tee with a little more warmth and structure.

Pick up the pattern below and choose a color–see the Basic Details tab for how many skeins you will need for your size. For a full selection of colors, head over to the Rowan Felted Tweed page.

Digital Sideways Tee pattern (Download).

Printed Sideways Tee pattern (Requires shipping).

COLOR: 173 Duck Egg. Heathered shell blue.

COLOR: 165 Scree. Barely blue stone grey.

COLOR: 177 Clay. Pale earthenware bisque.

COLOR: 181 Mineral. Warm goldenrod.

COLOR: 184 Celadon. Weathered sea green.

COLOR: 190 Stone. Heathery muted sage.

COLOR: 185 Frozen. Dusty pink lavender.

COLOR: 195 Boulder. Weathered grey with periwinkle and tan flecks.

COLOR: 197 Alabaster. Pale grey with blue and black flecks.

COLOR: 196 Barn Red. A warm, weathered brownish red.

COLOR: 186 Tawny. Warm magenta.

COLOR: 207 Bottle Green. Teal water.

COLOR: 208 Iolite. Bright grape purple.

COLOR: 209 Eden. Frosty mint.

COLOR: 210 Aluminium. Silver with blue flecks.

COLOR: 801 Hillside Green. Grass with morning frost.

COLOR: 802 Dusk Rose. Salmon pink with blue flecks.

COLOR: 803 Winter Blue. Forest moss.

COLOR: 804 Night Sky. Cyan blue.

COLOR: 206 Rose Quartz. Muted taupey pink.

COLOR: 170 Seafarer. Nautical charcoal navy.





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