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Pretty Perfect Square Using ITO Sensai

Pretty Perfect Square Using ITO Sensai

"Hip to be square."

This free pattern is the miraculous result of a long hunt for the 'holy grail'—a perfectly proportioned, fine-weight, simply edged square scarf! We created blocky, stylishly irregular stripes in four colors. Fold and refold this light, roomy square for new, vibrant variations.

The stripes of this square scarf take on a funky, almost candy-bright effect in ITO Sensai, a sensational lace-weight strand of 60% mohair and 40% silk. Sensai knits up into a gossamer fabric—it’s fuzzy, gauzy goodness! And its color palette floats between ethereal pastels and electric brights—from blush pink to warm tangerine, from acid yellow to soft cream. So fun to stripe up!

COLORWAY: Hydrangea; 307 Hydrangea + 336 String + 316 Moss + 300 Pale Blush.

COLORWAY: Pool Blue; 326 Pool Blue + 306 Lemon + 333 Chestnut + 304 Crocus.

COLORWAY: Lilac; 339 Lilac + 337 Lime + 324 Pale Blue + 343 Angora.

COLORWAY: Tangerine; 338 Tangerine + 305 Yellow + 324 Pale Blue + 336 String.

Digital Pretty Perfect Square pattern. (Download)

Printed Pretty Perfect Square pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Free digital adaptation for ITO Sensai. (Download)





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