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"Designed with dunkability in mind."

Shortbread House of Edinburgh's hand-made, delectable Oaties use a family recipe and the finest ingredients. These are proper shortbread biscuitsnice and thick for dunking!

Oaties offer a sweet, nutrition-rich (well, okay, for a cookie) treat. These have a bit of a cult following in our shop with their crumbly texture, high quality oats, and hint of coconut. Perfect for when you want just a bit of sweet.

Our tea buyer (and baker!), Erika, used delectable Oaties to create an Oaties Berry Crisp. You’ll find the free recipe on our recipes page. Bon appetit!

Make sure your pantry's stocked up with your favorite tea. And then settle in for a long winter's nap.

Oaties sweet biscuits, 2pk

Oaties sweet biscuits, 9pk

Chocolate Chip Oaties, 2pk

Chocolate Chip Oaties, 9pk



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