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“Bye bye, fuzzballs.”

The Gleener® is the most effective pill remover that we have found. And we’ve looked!

Three detachable, fabric-sensitive edges quickly and easily remove these annoyances from most woven or knitted fabrics. Edge 1 is for large, bulky pills and is best for use on wools and wool/synthetic blends. Edge 2 is for medium to large pills found on fleece and natural fibers like cotton, cashmere, and merino wools. And Edge 3 is for pills on fine fabrics.

You can see the difference the Gleener makes. (Given that we all have Gleeners, it was hard to come up with a pilly sweater!) Below center is a pre-Gleened sweater and below right you’ll see all the pills have come off the sweater and onto the Gleener. Complete the process with the attached lint brush that makes the perfect final step for tidying up after pill removal. The Gleener is billed as the “Ultimate Fuzz Remover” and we agree!

Travel sizethis mini-Gleener is smaller than a glasses case and ready for travel. Keep one in your purse, car, desk drawer and for sure carry on luggage. The Gleener on the Go includes three edges, just like the larger version. Ingeniously designed to store the edges inside, along with quick Gleening instructions.


Travel Gleener.



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