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Fork Blocking Pins

Fork Blocking Pins

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When one of our designers came back from a Japanese knitting design class with these 'new-to-us' blocking pins, we were intrigued. Sturdy and light, we decided to test them out straight away, blocking the rounded scallops along the edge of our Spin Stitch Scarf - and were delighted! With two flexible prongs coming from a U-shaped pin, these stainless steel fork blocking pins secure a section of fabric - not just a point. And because they are flexible, you can press your iron down directly on top of them, getting close to or touching your fabric. Easier blocking- who doesn't love that?

Note how pins are inserted in our image - horizontal and nearly parallel to your blocking surface. You can get right in with your iron!

Pins are sold in packages of 40. The pins measure 1¾" in length.

Fork blocking pins, package of 40.



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