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Fleece Artist Curlylocks

Fleece Artist Curlylocks

Fleece Artist Curlylocks

Texture, luster, soft's hard to decide what is most appealing about this yarn. Every Fleece Artist yarn offers color artistry, but the prized kid mohair that comprises this yarn is especially saturated in color. And you also get texture — the lofty bouclé curls running along the yarn add a loopy component and halo to projects like our Magic Three Yarn Scarf & Wrap .

78% Kid Mohair, 13% Wool, 9% Nylon. HAND WASH.

125 G, 273 YDS (225M); 14 STS = 4"/10CM on US 10 (6MM).
COLOR: Red Fox. Rosy russet, smoky lavender and amber.

COLOR: Walnut. Warm brown, rosy cocoa, caramel and teal.

COLOR: Renaissance. Sapphire, ruby, emerald and aquamarine.

COLOR: Masala. Curry, saffron, red pepper, cilantro leaf and sea blue.

COLOR: Brew. Teal, bronze, mauve, navy and olive green.

COLOR: November Sky. Aqua, cerulean, lavender and lichen.

COLOR: Beach House. Faded shades of aqua, lichen and weathered shingles.

COLOR: Natural. Undyed, pure cream.

COLOR: Winter Sleep. Teal, turquoise, yellow-greens and olive.

COLOR: Bronze. Bronze and gold with shades of sage, sky blue and mauve.

COLOR: Raven. Black, dark grey and deep navy with pops of deep cobalt.



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