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Fir Cone Lace Scarf Using Isager Spinni Wool 1

Fir Cone Lace Scarf Using Isager Spinni Wool 1

"Just the thing for a romp on the moors!"

The classic eyelet pattern of our Fir Cone Lace Scarf is lacy enough to look pretty and opaque enough to be cozy. Designer Becky ffitch, our lace teacher, was inspired by traditional Shetland lace patterns found in historic stitch dictionaries. We think this is the definition of romantic!

We chose Isager Spinni Wool 1 for this version because of its crisp hand and delicious color palette. Rooted in the knitting traditions of Denmark, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands, Spinni is a light, lace-weight yarn with a single-ply construction, distinct structure, and precise stitch definition. Don’t skip the wet blocking step when you are done with your scarf! Your project will soften, settle, and reveal a beautiful finish.

Grab the pattern below and choose a color from our selection of favorite shades of Spinni; two skeins will make the scarf shown. If you want to see all the colors available, just head over to the Isager Spinni Wool 1 page.

Digital Fir Cone Lace Shawl & Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed Fir Cone Lace Shawl & Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 10s. Heathered robin's egg.

COLOR: 47. Charcoal blue.

COLOR: 101. Deep teal, or bright navy.

COLOR: 16. Dusty teal.

COLOR: 15s. Heathered pea green.

COLOR: 40. Soft chartreuse.

COLOR: 3. Vintage gold.

COLOR: 59. Creamy butterscotch.

COLOR: 61. Shell pink.

COLOR: 1s. Heathered red brick.

COLOR: 28s. Heathered tomato red.

COLOR: 17s. Heathered magenta.

COLOR: 52s. Heathered dusty mauve.

COLOR: 60s. Heathered dusty plum.

COLOR: 55. Plummy eggplant.

COLOR: 30. Black.

COLOR: 0. Natural cream.

COLOR: 2s. Light grey heathered with cream.

COLOR: 3s. Heathered sweatshirt grey.

COLOR: 13s. Heathered warm grey.

COLOR: 4s. Heathered charcoal.

COLOR: 23s. Heathered grey with a barely green tint.

COLOR: 8s.Heathered cocoa brown.

COLOR: 7s. Heathered taupe.

COLOR: 6s. Heathered oatmeal.





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