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European-Style Sugar Cubes

European-Style Sugar Cubes

"A rustic touch of sweetness."

Sourced from Seattle-based company India Tree, these rough-cut sugar cubes will add a touch of sweetness to your tea. And look beautiful on the tea table besides! The pure white cubes and unrefined brown sugar cubes come from Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. There, much of the agricultural land is devoted to growing sugar cane. Serve these rustic cubes in an open bowl with a set of tongs, so your guests might pick the perfect cube from all the different shapes and sizes. 

European-Style Brown Sugar Cubes. Unrefined brown sugar; adds a hint of caramel flavor to your brew.

European-Style White Sugar Cubes. Pure white sugar; add sweetness without changing your tea's flavor.

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