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Crocheted Flowers Scarf Using Isager Alpaca 2

Crocheted Flowers Scarf Using Isager Alpaca 2

"Blossoms around your neck!"

This pretty flower motif blooms with basic crochet stitches. Each motif is joined to the others as you go so there’s no fussy assembly required at the end—hurrah! Our solid color version is crocheted in Isager Alpaca 2, a fingering weight yarn with wool for memory and structure, and alpaca for softness and drape. Perfect for this delicate bouquet!

Follow our diagrams for joining motifs, or, once you get the hang of it, pick your own arrangement!

Grab a copy of the pattern, and then choose a shade below. The lavish 7-tier scarf shown here used 5 skeins of Isager Alpaca 2; to make a smaller scale 3-tier scarf (not shown), you'll need 2 skeins. 

Digital Crocheted Flowers Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed Crocheted Flowers Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 11 Lt. Blue. Heathered baby blue.

COLOR: 16 Marine Blue-Green. Light teal.

COLOR: 47 Blue Grey. Balanced blend of medium blue and charcoal.

COLOR: 36 Wine. Deep amethyst.

COLOR: 52 Dusty Plum. Heathered soft purple.

COLOR: 19 Mauve. Bright mauve, more pink than purple.

COLOR: 21 Red. Tomato.

COLOR: 24 Orange. Like a puffin bill.

COLOR: 39 Shrimp. Tea-dyed pink.

COLOR: 8s Med. Natural Brown. Warm cocoa brown.

COLOR: 3 Old Gold. Vintage deep gold.

COLOR: 40 Chartreuse. Heathered yellow shaded with green and gray.

COLOR: 43 Med. Green. Pea green.

COLOR: 23 Green Gray. Soft army green.

COLOR: 46 Lt. Green. Heathered seafoam.

COLOR: 0 Natural White. Cream.

COLOR: 30 Black.

COLOR: 2s Lt. Natural Gray. Heathered granite.





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