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Cocoknits Knitter's Blocks

Cocoknits Knitter's Blocks

“A brilliant blocking aid!”

Like the pieces of a customizable jigsaw puzzle, these Knitter’s Blocks can be arranged to perfectly suit your blocking needs! Assemble the interlocking tiles into a square (nice for sweaters), a long rectangle (great for wraps and scarves), or even a triangle (perfect for shawls).

Each Knitter’s Block is covered in a fabric that gently grips your hand-knit piece without pilling or leaving fibers behind. The thick, waterproof backing means they’re safe to use on any surface—moisture won’t seep through and the tiles don’t absorb water—and it will hold your blocking pins firmly in place. They’re also heat resistant, so you can steam block your pieces on them as well! Finally, the blocks tidily disassemble into a neat stack—excellent for storage.

The Knitter’s Blocks kit contains 18 square tiles, each measuring 12-inches by 12-inches (30.5 cm by 30.5 cm), 40 stainless steel T-pins, a 48-inch (122 cm) square cotton cloth (similar to Cocoknit’s ‘Check Your Gauge’ Cloth), and a sturdy jute bag to contain all.

Knitter's Blocks kit.



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