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Better-Than-Basic Pullover Using Rowan Kid Classic

Better-Than-Basic Pullover Using Rowan Kid Classic

“This sweater has scope!”

The knitting of this design is straightforward: stockinette stitch with a couple of simple ribbing patterns. It’s the thoughtful styling details that add subtle elegance. The flattering dropped shoulder creates a roomy armhole without the usual excess fabric bunching under the arm. The slim, straight cuff tapers up to the armhole. A little short-row shaping allows the front and back hemline to hang more evenly when worn. And the straight, boxy body is easy to modify in length.

This hip-length version takes advantage of the lofty mohair blend of Rowan Kid Classic. The 6½" funnel neck slouches gently and has a ribbed edge like the cuffs and hem. (For a tunic-length version with a ribbed neck, see the Ultra Alpaca project page.)

While wonderful exactly as written, this pattern is also a great jumping-off point. You can knit it in different sizes, sleeve and body lengths, with different edging details and different collar styles . . . and any combinations thereof! And did we mention different yarns? See the Basic Details tab for more information.

Designed with versatility in mind, it’s well suited to all body types. Several of our staff looked great in all five sizes, from slightly fitted to very oversized; all of us looked good in at least two sizes! So instead of thinking in terms of a specific size, think about the amount of ease you want (the difference between your actual bust measurement and the actual sweater measurement). See the Knitters' Notes tab for more suggestions on fit.

The simplicity of this pullover makes it ideal for newer knitters with basic skills who are ready to try knitting a garment. And the finesse in the details is sure to inspire more experienced knitters as well. Either way, this is a sweater you’ll wear and wear.

We’ve chosen our favorite wardrobing colors here, but if you’d like to see the full selection of colors, just head over to the Rowan Kid Classic page.

Digital Better-Than-Basic Pullover pattern. (Download)

Printed Better-Than-Basic Pullover pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 847 Cherry Red. A cool delicious red.

COLOR: 866 Bitter Sweet. Grey with a smokey lavender undertone.

COLOR: 831 Smoke. Slate blue grey.

COLOR: 856 Tattoo. Muted cornflower blue.

COLOR: 876 Drought. Hazy sky blue.

COLOR: 828 Feather. Warm rich cream.

COLOR: 888 Pumice. A grey, heathery off-white.

COLOR: 890 Cement. Grey with a cool blue undertone.

COLOR: 891 Henna. Straddles the line between purple, grey, and brown.

COLOR: 892 Iron. Deep black.





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