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Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Our Irish Breakfast is a bit "beefier" than our English Breakfast, also blended by our talented Seattle tea broker. Richer, heartier but with the same underlying characteristics, our Irish Breakfast is ideally suited for those who want the strongest blend we have. Our strongest unblended black tea is Keemun, and our strongest green is Gunpowder. But the Irish Breakfast trumps all.

The Irish, it is said, are among the top tea-drinkers in the world. So you can imagine they are very fussy about their tea. Our Irish friends insist it be full bodied, as black as coffee, and better with milk–or there'll be a wee lecture in the works about "a decent cuppa tay." Fair warning.

Boiling water (212 F). Steep 5 minutes. Begs for a bit of milk.

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