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Ribbed Pencil Skirt Using Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

Ribbed Pencil Skirt Using Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

“Sass up your stride!”

We love seeing knitwear in current fashion magazinesso when this beautiful knit skirt caught our eye in an Autumn spread, we had to know more. Ribbing with a generous sassy split, turns out it was a dress from AG. But it so reminded us of our Ribbed Pencil Skirt. Pressed out from hip to hemline for a smooth fit that skims the hips without clinginga wardrobe classic with an update!

Our version is knit in Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor, a firmly spun DK-weight that's warm and woolly, yet light enough for year round wear. Skein-dyed at the Saco River Dyehouse in Maine (in thirty colors!), Arbor's worsted-spun round composition creates great stitch definition and firm fabricperfect for ribbing, perfect for skirt fabric.

Two rectangular panels are knit separately. A simple folded waistband and a stretch of elastic finishes up the comfortable waist. Swatching is never more vital than in garment knitting, so read our swatching, seaming and size information in the Knitter's Notes tab.

An updated classic with a functional and sassy slitwe bet you won't make just one!

Grab the Ribbed Pencil Skirt pattern below and select your shade of Arborsee the Basic Details tab for the number of skeins you'll need for your size. For a full selection of colors, head over to the Brooklyn Tweed Arbor page.

Digital Ribbed Pencil Skirt pattern. (Download)

Printed Ribbed Pencil Skirt pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: Hammock. Bright ivory.

COLOR: Thaw. Palest silvery grey.

COLOR: Driftwood. Greyed out beige.

COLOR: Gale. Grey with a touch of green.

COLOR: Heron. A cool medium grey.

COLOR: Humpback. Dark seal grey, with a hint of brown.

COLOR: Kettle. Pure black.

COLOR: Porter. Faded black.

COLOR: Loam. Dark espresso brown.

COLOR: Carob. Muted medium brown.

COLOR: Degas. Warm sandy beige.

COLOR: Morandi. Purply grey.

COLOR: Nightfall. A greyed-out purple, lighter than Black Fig.

COLOR: Fleet. Dark navy blue.

COLOR: Sashiko. Indigo.

COLOR: Dorado. Dark muted teal.

COLOR: Treehouse. Teal green, brighter than Dorado.

COLOR: Rainier. Dusty turquoise.

COLOR: Wreath. Evergreen.

COLOR: Parka. Army green.

COLOR: Crumb. Between tan and wheat.

COLOR: Klimt. Golden honey.

COLOR: Tincture. Mustard.

COLOR: Butte. Terra cotta.

COLOR: Firebrush. Vivid fire red.

COLOR: Alizarin. Cheery warm red.

COLOR: Vintner. Dark, rich cherries.

COLOR: Potion. Burgundy red.

COLOR: Cobbler. Dark plummy purple.

COLOR: Black Fig. Muted dark grape.

COLOR: Arabesque. Rose pink.

COLOR: Lovat. Light spruce blue.

COLOR: Mesa. Rich coral.

COLOR: Norway. Frosty grey.





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