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Buttoned Wrap Skirt Using Tahki Donegal Tweed

Buttoned Wrap Skirt Using Tahki Donegal Tweed

“Contemporary style with a tweedy twist.”

Knit from side to side in one piece and shaped with short-row ‘darts’ at the hip, this simple skirt will become a wardrobe staple. It’s easy to adjust—all you have to do is shift the buttons. Diagonally placed buttons close the skirt with an asymmetric overlap for a flattering A-line. Or place the top button at the waist for a narrower line.

Our skirt is reminiscent of iconic British country clothing in the handsomely rugged Tahki Donegal Tweed. A 100% pure wool yarn, Donegal Tweed is spun with coordinating flecks and bits of wool, giving the fabric that signature tweedy look. Your skirt will be sturdy, naturally warm, and beautiful in this rich palette of neutrals, and earth, sky, and sea tones.

Pick up the pattern below and choose a color—see the Basic Details tab for the number of skeins you'll need for your size. To see all available colors, head over to the Tahki Donegal Tweed page.

Digital Buttoned Wrap Skirt pattern. (Download)

Printed Buttoned Wrap Skirt pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 895 Dark Khaki. Medium army green.

COLOR: 869 Dark Taupe. Between brown and gray.

COLOR: 875 Gray Blue. Warm brownish grey, with tealy blue flecks.

COLOR: 801 Tan. Oatmeal with dark flecks.

COLOR: 884 Light Gray. Cool pale gray.

COLOR: 890 Black. Black softened with pale flecks.

COLOR: 833 Dark Chocolate. Cool dark chocolatey brown.

COLOR: 844 Midnight Blue. Dark navy blue with pops of brighter blue.

2 black horn buttons (31mm each) and 4 clear backing buttons (¾"/19mm each)

2 brown horn buttons (30mm each) and 4 clear backing buttons (¾"/19mm each)





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