On the Move, Part One

Posted by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on February 08, 2024

On the Move, Part One

Last Thanksgiving, we announced an invigorating new start for Churchmouse Yarns & Teas as we move our studio northwards to Kingston, a small town on the Kitsap Peninsula. And now—in just a few, whirling weeks—it's all coming together. A beautiful, peaceful, inspirational space waits for us to get settled in and begin anew.

It's a change filled with joy and anticipation—we can't wait to take these next steps! And yet, all the excitement that comes with this adventure is tinged with a bittersweet feeling. In looking forward to a fresh start, we must also bid a fond farewell to Madrone Lane.

The handsome black doors and sheep's-head fountain greeted visitors to our brick-and-mortar shop on Madrone Lane.

For over two decades, the little lane off of Winslow Way was home to both our original brick-and-mortar shop (tucked around the corner from Blackbird Bakery) and our office spaces (nestled above an ice cream parlor and crêpe shop). We're so grateful for our good neighbors and for the whole of the Bainbridge Island community. They made our time on the Island such a pleasure!

A little bit of drizzle accompanied the movers and our staff as they tidily packed up our offices.

Last week, an efficient crew of movers helped us to pack up the bulk of our inventory. As we bundled up our yarns and wrapped up our teas, we reflected on the many changes and milestones of Churchmouse—from the day in September, 2000, when we first opened our doors to the summer of 2020 when we shifted to an online-only space.

Yarns by the cartful . . .

. . . ounces and ounces of loose-leaf tea . . .

. . . and project boxes of knitterly bits & bobs were all trundled out the doors.

All along the way, we've had the support and encouragment of our community—and we're so glad to meet this next milestone with you. With you along for the adventure, we've grown so much and we look forward to seeing how much farther we can go!