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Cocoknits Fuzz Off Comb

Cocoknits Fuzz Off Comb

“No more pesky pills!”

The Fuzz Off Comb—a clever, efficient little tool from Cocoknits—helps you to keep your hand-knit garments and accessories looking fresh! The fine, sharp comb picks up troublesome pills and fiber fuzz build-up as you gently ‘shave’ in one direction along the surface of your fabric.

It’s neatly foldable—so easy to tuck in any purse or project bag—and the handle is manufactured from polylactic acid (or PLA), a 100% biodegradable plastic substitute.

Please note: steady use will dull the blade eventually; that’s why we also have little packs of 3 refill combs from Cocoknits! Simply pop the old comb out of the handle and recycle it (it’s made of steel!).

Cocoknits Fuzz Off Comb

Cocoknits Fuzz Off Refill - 3pk



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