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Fork Blocking Pins

Fork Blocking Pins

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When one of our designers came back from a Japanese knitting design class with these 'new-to-us' blocking pins, we were intrigued. Sturdy and light, we decided to test them out straight away, blocking the rounded scallops along the edge of our Spin Stitch Scarf and were delighted! With two flexible prongs coming from a U-shaped pin, these stainless steel fork blocking pins secure a section of fabricnot just a point. And because they are flexible, you can press your iron down directly on top of them, getting close to or touching your fabric. Easier blockingwho doesn't love that?

Note how pins are inserted in our imagehorizontal and nearly parallel to your blocking surface. You can get right in with your iron!

Pins are sold in packages of 40. The pins measure 1¾" in length.

Fork blocking pins, package of 40.



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