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Put on the kettle, pick up the needles, and take time for yourself.

Growing up in Canada with an English and Irish family, tea was (and still is) a fundamental part of Kit’s everyday life. So when Kit dreamed of opening her yarn shop, the name came to her almost instantly: Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. A space in the shop dedicated to everyday teas was essential. It’s a place where all are welcome—not everyone knows how to knit, but anyone can enjoy a good cup of tea.

On opening day—September 9th, 2000—we served pot after pot (in big Brown Bettys) of Yorkshire Gold, a robust, English black tea. Visitors said it was the best tea they ever tasted and asked us how we brewed it—warm pot, boiling water, cover to steep, five minutes! Today, like Kit, many Mice prefer our English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and other black teas (including a Canadian blend from Toronto).

Some Mice delight in the subtle elegance and lower caffeine of green tea. While black tea needs boiling water to coax out flavor, green tea can become bitter if over-brewed. Back way off the boil and let steep for no more than three minutes (max!). Enjoy!

Other Mice like to avoid caffeine all day and prefer an herbal tisane (tee-sahn) or a rooibos (roy-boss) for a flavorful warming cup or cooling glass without the punch. Brew these like black teas—boiling water, five minutes.

Here at Churchmouse, it’s always time for tea—the electric kettle hums and bubbles in our wee kitchen all day long!

Churchmouse Bulk Teas

With just as much care as we’ve curated our collection of yarns, we’ve gathered these eminently sippable bulk teas—an impeccable collection of ‘everyday’ black, green, and herbal varieties and blends. Appealing to both particular palates and the broadly appreciative, these are teas for big mugs and frequent brewing.

Wake Up

Full-bodied and robust, these delectable teas are go-tos on groggy mornings—hearty wake-up calls that warm you to your toes! Mostly black tea blends, these caffeinated, up-and-at-’em brews happily take milk and your preferred sweetener.

Take a Break

White teas, green teas, and black teas with a lighter touch—these blends are refreshing pick-me-ups. Lighter on the caffeine, they’re perfect for your afternoon tea break (or whenever you’re in the mood for a quiet cuppa).

Wind Down

These are our bedtime-friendly brews! Herbal infusions and rooibos blends are all calming, comforting, and caffeine free. Some are nice with a little honey, but most can soothe all on their own—our top choices for the last cup of the day.