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Cornish Red Cornishware

Cornish Red Cornishware

“Bright, jolly stripes.”

This Cornish striped pottery has been an icon of British design since 1926. Given our love of English earthenware, is it any wonder we couldn’t resist the whole tea set? Those splendid, red stripes band around the classic, straight-sided teapot and mugs, the sugar bowl, wee pitcher, plates—even the three-tiered stand!

Cornishware was first produced by T. G. Green in 1924 and has known roaring popularity ever since. The wide stripes that make this stoneware so recognizable were created using a nifty lathe-turning technique that scraped the colored slip away to reveal white bands of clay underneath. The timeless design would be at home in any kitchen, on any coffee table, and can fit either a modern or traditional style.

Cornishware is durable stoneware that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Additionally, it is oven proof up to 437°F (225°C).

Red & Cream Mug (10 oz/28 cl).

Red & Cream Mug (12 oz/28 cl).

Red & Cream Breakfast Plate (9"/23cm).

Red & Cream Covered Sugar Bowl (4x4"/10x10 cm).

Red & Cream Dreadnought Jug (10 oz/28 cl).

Red & Cream Classic Teapot (22 oz/67 cl).

Red & Cream Rosie Teapot (100 oz/300 cl).

Red & Cream 3-Tier Cake Plate.



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