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Martyn Thompson Wool and Cashmere Scarves

Martyn Thompson Wool and Cashmere Scarves

"Like an artist’s drop cloth."

Vibrant spots, blots, spatters, and splashes of color dance across these stunning silk, wool, and cashmere scarves from the New York studio of Martyn Thompson. Violet, magenta, indigo, emerald, and more are liberally scattered across scarves in grey and white (woven in a sheer, cashmere-and-silk fabric) and blue (woven from a sheer wool fabric)—mimicking an artist’s colorful, paint-spattered drop cloth.

Martyn Thompson’s work making clothes and as a fashion photographer is the foundation for his interest in textile and other mixed-media art. His belief that “the ordinary can become something enigmatic” is evident in these stunning scarves, each a contemporary work of art.

Each scarf measures 40” (101.6 cm) by 80” (203.2 cm).

White wool scarf with blue splatters.

Blue cashmere scarf with red splatters.

Grey cashmere scarf with mustard splatters.



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