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Welted Fingerless Gloves Using Shibui Maai

Welted Fingerless Gloves Using Shibui Maai

"A real treat for your hands."

This one-skein pattern became a fast favorite for wearing when knitting or texting outdoors on a chilly day. And knitted in Shibui’s scrumptiously soft Maai yarn, you won’t want to take them off until you absolutely have to.

Grab the Welted Fingerless Gloves pattern (if you don’t already have it) below, along with one skein of the yarn. If you’d like to match them with an oh-so-soft cowl, check out our Maai Welted Cowl project with two skeins of Maai you can make both!

Digital Welted Fingerless Gloves pattern. (Download)

Printed Welted Fingerless Gloves pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Deep inky black.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Pale silvery grey.

COLOR: 115 Brick. Bright brick.

COLOR: 13 Caffeine. Dark linen.

COLOR: 2012 Fjord. Medium teal, more blue than green.

COLOR: 2004 Ivory. Soft ivory.

COLOR: 2035 Fog. Medium cloudy grey.

COLOR: 2016 Suit. Deep true blue.

COLOR: 2028 Trail. Medium toffee brown.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. Golden chartreuse.

COLOR: 2017 Velvet. Deep plummy purple.





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