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Wells Using Shibui Pebble, Twig & Silk Cloud

Wells Using Shibui Pebble, Twig & Silk Cloud

"Yarn mixing magic."

Wells, a cozy cowl, is knit with half-twisted rib stitch for cozy, stylish reversibility. Designed by Julie Hoover in collaboration with Shibui Knits, this cowl is knit flat from end to end, then sewn together. Textured and pretty, it’s made even more special with some nifty, yarn mixing magic!

Wells is knit with two strands of so-soft Shibui Pebble (lace-weight), one strand of crisp Twig (sport-weight), and one strand of silky, fuzzy Silk Cloud (lace-weight) all held together throughout. As a result, this cowl has weight and warmth, structure and softness, tiny flecks and a silky gleam.

Printed Wells pattern (Requires shipping).

SIZE: Small; COLOR: Glacier.

SIZE: Large; COLOR: Glacier.

SIZE: Small; COLOR: Vintage Rose.

SIZE: Large; COLOR: Vintage Rose.

SIZE: Small; COLOR: Black Plum.

SIZE: Large; COLOR: Black Plum.



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