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Wave Cardigan Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Wave Cardigan Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze

"Soft, feminine, elegant."

The long, relaxed line of Wave simply emanates grace. Designed by Kim Hargreaves as part of the Echoes collection, Wave is soft, feminine, and elegant. An intriguing, open texture of swelling and receding stitches is achieved by simply alternating between two needle sizes, one large (US 13) and one small (US 7).  With slim sleeves and a flowing body, it’s a wardrobe classic that can dress up the simplest summer frock.

Rowan Kidsilk Haze, held double throughout, lends a pretty, fuzzy aura to Wave. A lace-weight blend of kid mohair and silk, Kidsilk Haze is a favorite go-to amongst the Churchmice. And at the open gauge of this cardigan, it creates an ethereal, exquisite fabric that floats around you.

Pick up the pattern (as part of Kim Hargreaves's Echoes collection, with 20 other designs) and yarn below. See the "Basic Details" tab for sizing information.

Echoes by Kim Hargreaves. Softcover, 101 pages, 21 designs.

COLOR: 676 Aura. Foggy grey.

COLOR: 642 Ghost. A wisp of barely-blue smoke.

COLOR: 670 Vanilla. Palest yellow.

COLOR: 634 Cream. A fresh lustrous warm white.

COLOR: 580 Grace. The faintest whisper of pink.

COLOR: 590 Pearl. A wash of warm taupe.

COLOR: 653 Shadow. Rosy mother-of-pearl.

COLOR: 664 Steel. Softly silver.



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