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Walking Rib Cowl Using Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

Walking Rib Cowl Using Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

“The knitting is a walk in the park.”

This subtle diagonal stitch pattern is akin to K2/P2 ribbing, but the rhythm ‘walks’ over by one stitch every other row (or round) for a subtle, reversible texture that’s easier than it looks.

Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor showcases stitch definition beautifully in this two skein cowl. And Arbor's rounded 3-ply composition creates 'stand-up' structure. Block firmly for a smoother fabric, or leave unblocked for more squish and squeeze!

Grab the pattern below and select your yarn2 skeins will make the cowl size shown. For a full selection of colors, see the Brooklyn Tweed Arbor page.

Digital Walking Rib Cowl & Muffler pattern. (Download)

Printed Walking Rib Cowl & Muffler pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: Hammock. Bright ivory.

COLOR: Thaw. Palest silvery grey.

COLOR: Driftwood. Greyed out beige.

COLOR: Gale. Grey with a touch of green.

COLOR: Heron. A cool medium grey.

COLOR: Humpback. Dark seal grey, with a hint of brown.

COLOR: Kettle. Pure black.

COLOR: Porter. Faded black.

COLOR: Loam. Dark espresso brown.

COLOR: Carob. Muted medium brown.

COLOR: Degas. Warm sandy beige.

COLOR: Morandi. Purply grey.

COLOR: Nightfall. A greyed-out purple, lighter than Black Fig.

COLOR: Fleet. Dark navy blue.

COLOR: Sashiko. Indigo.

COLOR: Dorado. Dark muted teal.

COLOR: Treehouse. Teal green, brighter than Dorado.

COLOR: Rainier. Dusty turquoise.

COLOR: Wreath. Evergreen.

COLOR: Parka. Army green.

COLOR: Crumb. Between tan and wheat.

COLOR: Klimt. Golden honey.

COLOR: Tincture. Mustard.

COLOR: Butte. Terra cotta.

COLOR: Firebrush. Vivid fire red.

COLOR: Alizarin. Cheery warm red.

COLOR: Vintner. Dark, rich cherries.

COLOR: Potion. Burgundy red.

COLOR: Cobbler. Dark plummy purple.

COLOR: Black Fig. Muted dark grape.

NEW COLOR: Arabesque. Rose pink.

NEW COLOR: Lovat. Light spruce blue.

NEW COLOR: Mesa. Rich coral.

NEW COLOR: Norway. Frosty grey.





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