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Virginia Cocktail Peanuts

Virginia Cocktail Peanuts

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These delicious Virginia Cocktail Peanuts, created by Mary Vaden to honor her southern roots, are proudly grown, cooked, and packaged by hand in Virginia. We carry three delightful flavorsToffee, Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt. Great for hostess gifts, party snacks or making 'movie night' special!

  • Toffee - Hunks of rich and buttery toffee studded with peanuts. Almost like peanut brittle, but not at all brittle! Crisp and crumbly, a perfect balance of salty and sweet.
  • Dark Chocolate - Peanuts enrobed in decadent dark chocolate (healthy anti-oxidants!).
  • Sea Salt - Appalachian Sea Salt is harvested from an ancient sea deep below the Appalachian Mountainsa perfect, salty pairing.

The beautiful tin can be re-purposed or easily recycled. Try refrigerating or freezing for a cold and crunchy treat!

FLAVOR: Sea Salt.

FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate.

FLAVOR: Toffee.

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