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Very Warm Headband Using Shibui Drift

Very Warm Headband Using Shibui Drift

"Merino + cashmere = a plushy, soft headband!"

This little pattern comes courtesy of the inspiring, intrepid, irrepressible Shirley Grade, who operated the Yarn House in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, into her 80s. Thanks again, Shirl! The slipped stitches at the end of each row result in an I-cord edging that smooshes the garter ridges closer for extra toastiness.

For a Very Warm Headband that’s plushy and oh, so soft, we picked Shibui’s worsted-weight Drift! This blend of extra fine merino and cashmere is a snugly spun fiber with a visible twist that offers strength, structure, and supreme squeezability to our easy ear-warmer!

Click on the Free Pattern tab to see the headband pattern. Then choose your color of Shibui Drift below; one skein is all you need for this quick and cozy project.

Approx. 3-4"/7-10cm wide (to adjust width, add or subtract stitches. Knit to an inch or two less than head size.

1 skein Shibui Drift (110 yds/101m each). Color 2001 Abyss shown here.
Or approx. 80 yds/73m of an equivalent worsted-weight yarn.

US 8 (5mm) needles.
Darning needle to finish.

Approx. 18 sts = 4"/10cm in garter stitch (worsted gauge).

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: K = knit; St(s) = stitch(es).

Note: these directions are for the Worsted version of the headband; for other gauges, refer to the pattern download.

Stitches slipped at the end of each row are knitted on the following row, resulting in an I-cord edging that smooshes the garter ridges closer for extra toastiness.

Cast on: Using long-tail method, cast on 16 sts.
Set up: Knit 1 row.
Row 1: Knit until 3 sts remain on left needle, bring yarn forward between needles, slip remaining sts purlwise.
Repeat Row 1 until band has to stretch just a little to fit around head. Bind off all sts.

Finishing: Using mattress stitch, seam ends together as invisibly as possible; weave in ends. Cast on another one—they're great gifts!

Download printable "Very Warm Headband in 4 Gauges" pdf pattern.

COLOR: 2016 Suit. True blue.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. Greenish gold.

COLOR: 2017 Velvet. Deep plum.

COLOR: 2038 Cove. True teal.

COLOR: 2037 Tango. Crimson.

COLOR: 11 Tar. Charcoal.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Pale silvery grey.

COLOR: 2004 Ivory. Creamy white.

COLOR: 2022 Mineral. Dark warm taupe: straddles the line between grey, brown, and purple.

COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Inky black.

COLOR: 2032 Field. Army green.

COLOR: 2002 Graphite. Blue-grey.

COLOR: 2018 Bordeaux. Rich red wine.

COLOR: 13 Caffeine. Coffee with a lot of milk.