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Very Gifted Cowl Using Rowan Kid Classic

Very Gifted Cowl Using Rowan Kid Classic

“A perennial favorite.”

A gift for youa super-versatile cowl pattern that is simplicity itself, with details for eight yarn weights so you can use almost any yarn (or combination of yarns) you like. Here, we've chosen our perennial favorite, light-worsted weight Rowan Kid Classica wool-and-mohair blend that's suitable for both guys and gals.

Our sample shown here yielded 9" of knitted depth from just a single skein, but the pattern lists yardage requirements for each knitted inch of depth so you’ll know just how far more skeins can go. Make one for you, one for a friend!

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the pattern. And then choose a shade of Rowan Kid Classic. Happy knitting!

COLOR: 825 Crushed Velvet. Classic red, red wine.

COLOR: 847 Cherry Red. A cool delicious red.

COLOR: 871 Canard. The lustrous blue-green of a mallard duck.

COLOR: 866 Bitter Sweet. Grey with a smokey lavender undertone.

COLOR: 831 Smoke. Slate blue grey.

COLOR: 856 Tattoo. Muted cornflower blue.

COLOR: 876 Drought. Hazy sky blue.

COLOR: 828 Feather. Warm rich cream.

COLOR: 888 Pumice. A grey, heathery off-white.

Free digital Very Gifted Cowl pattern. (Download)





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