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Vertical Drop Stitch Scarf Using Louet Euroflax Sport

Vertical Drop Stitch Scarf Using Louet Euroflax Sport

"Flowing ladders."

This free pattern turns what is usually an ‘oops’ into ‘gorgeous!’ We found this stitch in Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and we fell for it in a big way. Extra stitches are created with a yarn over, then dropped and laddered down six rows later for a gentle, waterfall effect. Clever!

With sunny summer days in mind, we knit this scarf up in Louet Euroflax Sport. This fiber is one of the world’s finest linen yarns, gleaned from blue-flowering flax, known for stems nearly a yard long. It’s wet-spun, double-boiled, and then steamed for softness at a mill that’s been operating for generations. And it only gets softer wash after wash!

Click on the "Free Pattern" tab to see the scarf pattern. Then choose a color below and get knitting--you'll need 1 skein for the small size or 2 skeins for the large size (shown). For a full selection of colors, head over to the Louet Euroflax page.

COLOR: 53 Caribou. Deep roasted espresso brown.

COLOR: 42 Eggplant. Deep plummy purple.

COLOR: 64 Island Moss. Deep, grassy green.

COLOR: 21 Cloud Grey. Pale grey with a hint of the palest blue.

COLOR: 49 Charcoal. Glossy dark grey.

COLOR: 2 Ginger. Honeyed brown.

COLOR: 40 Heron Grey. Faded denim jeans blue.

COLOR: 41 Olive. Sage green.

COLOR: 56 Marine. Deep ocean blue.

COLOR: 70 Brick Red. Faded bricks.



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