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Two-Row Striped Cowl - String Blossom Version

Two-Row Striped Cowl - String Blossom Version

"Bands of bliss."

Earn your colorwork stripes with this uncomplicated two-color cowl. It’s the perfect painless project whether you’re looking for a small challenge or engaging relaxation. The graphic, seamless simplicity is achieved using a jogless striping techniquethose sleek bands will circle without interruption!

Knit up in String Blossom, this cowl is absolute bliss against your neck. A heavenly half-and-half blend of cashmere and silk, it’s a superbly smooth, high-twist sport-weight that will crisply show off your stripes. And Blossom is just so irresistibly touchable—a divine treat you definitely deserve!

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the cowl pattern. We've put together a few favorite color combinations below. To see a full selection of colors, visit the String Blossom page and mix your own.

Approx. 28"/71cm around x 14"/35.5cm deep, after blocking.

2 skeins String Blossom (177 yds/162.5m each), one each in two colors. Designate colors A and B; we used A = Color 309969 Glacier Magic, B = Color 726424 Tofu.
Or 177 yds/162m each in two colors of an equivalent sport-weight yarn.

US 6 (4mm) 16-24" circular needle, or size to get gauge.
Stitch marker.
Darning needle to finish.

Approx. 22 sts/32 rows = 4" after blocking.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

Cast on: With Color A, using cable cast-on method, cast on 160 stitches. Do not join in the round yet.
Still using Color A, knit one row. Note: This places right side of cable cast-on edge on right side of fabric.
Place marker on needle and join in the round, begin careful not to twist.
With Color B, knit 2 rounds. Note: Work does not actually ‘join’ until second round of Color B.

Stripe Sequence: Begin working in stripe sequence as follows:
Rounds 1 & 2: With Color A, knit 2 rounds.
Rounds 3 & 4 With Color B, knit 2 rounds.
Note: Do not cut yarn between color changes; bring new color up behind old color—this ‘traps’ the color you leave behind, causing colors to twist around each other. To minimize ‘ jog’ resulting from color change, before you knit first stitch with new color, give a gentle tug upwards to snug up last stitch of its prior use (this removes excess from the waiting yarn and looks more natural, we think, than slipping a stitch at the jog). Knit first stitch with new color; gently tug again.

Repeat Rounds 1−4 24 more times or to desired length and you have enough of Color A left to knit one round and bind off.

Bind off: With Color A, knit 1 round. Bind off loosely; match tension of cast-on as closely as possible.

Finishing: Weave in ends as invisibly as possible on wrong side, closing up gap at beginning of cast-on. Using a press cloth, gently steam press, avoiding folds. Snuggle in!

Download printable "Two-Row Striped Cowl Blossom Version" pdf pattern.

COLORWAY: Glacier Magic/Tofu.

COLORWAY: Lime/Heather Grey.

COLORWAY: Charcoal/Ivory.

COLORWAY: Old Rose/Heather Grey.

COLORWAY: Citron/Deep Navy.

COLORWAY: Mushroom/Misty Grey.