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Twelve Knitted Sweaters From Tversted

Twelve Knitted Sweaters From Tversted

"Sweaters for the year round."

In this collection, Marianne Isager revisits and reinterprets the twelve sweater patterns from her very first knitting book, published in 1993. With a sweater for each month of the year—and deeply inspired by nature surrounding Tversted village in northern Denmark, Isager’s home—Marianne’s designs range from simple to striking, using techniques both classic and updated.

With gorgeous artwork from Isager friend, Kazuyo Imai, a sweet, touching poem for each sweater, and an illustrated glossary, Marianne hopes this book will be “both useful and a source of joy.”

Twelve Knitted Sweaters From Tversted by Marianne Isager; softcover, 128 pgs.



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