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Traditional Icelandic Chocolate: Nói Síríus

Traditional Icelandic Chocolate: Nói Síríus

"A favorite of Icelandic mountaineers..."

An old Nordic recipe for traditional Icelandic chocolate—just the words evoke a mouth-watering image of something purely delicious. Made in Reykjavik, Iceland since 1933, this chocolate is incredibly smooth and silky—the dark included! A national favorite, Nói Síríus estimates their chocolate has climbed each mountaintop in Iceland. Perhaps the Cascades and Olympics are next...

Each packet—with flavors ranging from bittersweet, milk chocolate, to toffee with Icelandic sea salt—is 7.05 oz and contains two bars of incredible chocolate.

FLAVOR: 56% Bittersweet Chocolate.

FLAVOR: 33% Milk Chocolate.

FLAVOR: Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt.