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Toast, the Cookbook

Toast, the Cookbook

"Elevate the quick and casual meal."

Welcome to the modern world of toast! Toast: the Cookbook by Raquel Pelzel encourages us to explore the endless possibilities and infinite adaptability of breadchanging our preconceived notions about what toast can be. Fifty recipes turn the ‘bread and butter’ concept of toast on its head, igniting creativity and elevating the quick and casual meal.

Armed with “A Toasting Primer” and “Bread Basics,” this book adventures through seasonally inspired toppings ranging from the simple to the exoticfrom macadamia-cardamom butter toast to Dutch apple pie toast to roasted tomato and feta cream toast.

As Raquel says in the introduction, “May your toast be crisp and satisfying with every bite, and may the crumbs always leave a lasting impression!”

'Toast, The Cookbook', hard cover, 120 pages.



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