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The Ravell'd Sleeve

The Ravell'd Sleeve

"A couture method for your hand-knits."

In 2002, Catherine Lowe published the first of four journals exploring and explicating ‘couture knitting’—a method that she has developed over more than 20 years. Catherine, in The Ravell’d Sleeve: The Journal of the Couture Knitting Workshop, revises and brings together in a single volume her in-depth examinations of her practices and techniques.

As a designer with the spirit of a dressmaker, Catherine Lowe applies her discerning eye and couture method to every detail of a hand-knit. From fabric to construction to finishing, everything is exquisitely wrought. The Ravell’d Sleeve, intensive and meticulous, is chock-full of precise, pedagogical content. If you make use of this book, you will be a better knitter.

The Ravell'd Sleeve by Catherine Lowe. Softcover, 251 pages.



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