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Tea Taster's Quarterly for Fall 2016

Tea Taster's Quarterly for Fall 2016

"Three beautiful breakfast blends."

With the cooler weather rolling in, our tea wallahs suggested we use the Autumn edition of our Tea Taster's Quarterly to investigate our three breakfast blends: English, Irish and Canadian. Taste and compare! Included in this new trio are "Tea Tasting Notes" that walk you through proper brewing, sniffing, sipping, considering and note-taking.

Bonus: our culinary queen, Erika, added a recipe for Orange Marmalade Butter -- tested and approved on Bainbridge Island!

These seasonal Quarterlies are your maps to a fascinating, centuries-old, world-wide pastime. So set aside time for yourself or, even better, gather some friends and embark on a wonderful journey of discovery.

This Churchmouse Tea Taster's Quarterly includes: Canadian Breakfast 4 oz.; English Breakfast 4 oz.; Irish Breakfast 4 oz.; Tea Tasting Notes; recipe for Orange Marmalade Butter.

We procure our carefully edited loose-leaf bulk teas from US and Canadian brokers, who source them from tea gardens and master blenders around the world. We favor teas that we consider 'everyday teas'. Neither exotic nor precious, they share excellent quality and value. We hope these seasonal introductions will help you build your own tea cabinet filled with personal favorites - ones you'll love and reach for every day.

And don't forget to check out our free primer for brewing the perfect cuppa every time.

Previous versions of the Tea Taster's Quarterly:
Winter 2016 - Russian Caravan, Gunpowder, Ginger Rooibos.
Spring 2016 - Darjeeling, Sencha, Rooibos Evening.
Summer 2016 - Green Jasmine, Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Rooibos Mango.

Churchmouse Tea Taster's Quarterly, Fall 2016.

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