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Tapered Cowl Using Woolfolk Sno

Tapered Cowl Using Woolfolk Sno

“Shaped to keep you cozy.”

The long, slow shaping of this cowl promises to keep you beautifully cozy. It begins with a wider base that can slip over your shoulders, while the narrower top end fills in at the neck. And it flourishes in a yarn overflowing with next-to-the-skin softness.

We re-yarned our Tapered Cowl in the sumptuous Sno, a fingering-weight yarn from Woolfolk. Incredibly soft, this yarn is made of 100% Ultimate Merino, which has a micron count that approaches cashmere (yes, it’s that soft). Plus, we love how Sno’s high- and low-contrast marls play with depth and texture in simple stockinette stitch!

Grab the pattern below and choose a color of Sno; you'll need 3 skeins.

Digital Tapered Cowl pattern (Download).

Printed Tapered Cowl pattern.

COLOR: 01+02. Cream & pale grey marl.

COLOR: 01+15. Cream & black marl.

COLOR: 11+15. Dark navy & black marl.

COLOR: 14+15. Dark jade & black marl.

COLOR: 01+17. Cream & dark warm taupe marl.

COLOR: 12+15. Dark red & black marl.

COLOR: 01+11. Cream & navy marl.

NEW COLOR: 21+22. Pale grey & light brown marl.

NEW COLOR: 19+20. Dark maroon & faded figgy purple combine to give a warm brown effect.

NEW COLOR: 00+27. Dark mustard & cream.





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