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Tahki Hatteras

Tahki Hatteras

Plush and gorgeous, Tahki Hatteras brings a soft touch and fluffy look to your hand-knit and -crocheted pieces! Made from 100% organic Peruvian cotton, this bulky-weight yarn has a poofy, almost bubbled strand that creates a wonderful squish in its finished fabric. Plus, Hatteras is 100% machine washable—so we’re dreaming up baby projects, maybe a blanket, huggable accessories and sweaters . . . and we can’t wait to cast on!

100% organic cotton; 100g, 109 yds (99m).
3.5 sts = 1" on US 10 (6mm) needles.
Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low.
Looking for ideas? See how we've used this yarn!

COLOR: 01 White. Pure white.

COLOR: 02 Natural. Beige-y off-white.

COLOR: 03 Willow. Pale mint green.

COLOR: 05 Teal. Real teal.

COLOR: 16 Sky Blue. Every so slightly darker than baby blue.

COLOR: 06 Steel Blue. Not quite navy.

COLOR: 07 Navy. Navy blue leaning towards purple.

COLOR: 08 Iris. Lapis Lazuli.

COLOR: 10 Orchid. Pleasant purple.

COLOR: 11 Raisin. Dark purple.

COLOR: 17 Persimmon. Pinkish terracotta.

COLOR: 13 Straw. Sunflower yellow.

COLOR: 14 Fog. Medium grey.

COLOR: 15 Charcoal. Dark grey.

COLOR: 12 Pink. Baby pink.

COLOR: 04 Seafoam. Slate-y sky blue.

COLOR: 18 Colonial Blue. Rich cerulean.

COLOR: 09 Dusty Violet. Exactly as it sounds.

COLOR: 19 Lilac. Darker lavender.



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