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Striped Linen Stitch Scarf & Wrap Using Manos Milo

Striped Linen Stitch Scarf & Wrap Using Manos Milo

"Light, lofty stripes."

We love revisiting the gorgeous linen stitch—so much so that we came up with a free adaptation to the Striped Linen Stitch Scarf pattern to make a neck warmer with a slightly different striping sequence. Whether you choose a series of gradient colors, cheerful brights, moody jewel tones, or sophisticated neutrals, linen stitch brings harmony (and a great texture!) to all.

We knit this version of our Striped Linen Stitch Scarf in lofty Manos del Uruguay Milo. At first glance, this sport-weight yarn has a homey, rustic charm. Then, you start to see the complexity of this blend of merino wool and linen. The plant fiber retains a bit more of its natural color through Manos’ hand-dying process, leading to beautifully heathered shades with a subtle sheen.

Digital Striped Linen Stitch Wrap & Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed Striped Linen Stitch Wrap & Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Digital Striped Linen Stitch Scarf adaptation for Manos Milo. (Download)

COLORWAY: Harbor (Potosi, Lisboa, Natural).

COLORWAY: Breakwater (Natural, Lisboa, Baltico).

COLORWAY: Buoy (Roma, Natural, Bizance).

COLORWAY: Dockside (Petal, Natural, Potosi).

COLORWAY: Jetty (Manchester, Natural, Potosi).





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