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Striped Linen Stitch Scarf

Striped Linen Stitch Scarf

"Soft, woolly stripes."

We’ve long been searching for a fresh way to revisit the gorgeous linen stitch. And by George, we think we’ve got it! We’ve come up with this free patterna scarf with a striping sequence that takes full advantage of linen stitch’s handsome, woven effect.

You’ll need four skeins chosen from the sweeping color palette of Brooklyn Tweed Arbor. There are thirty colors in series of gradients, cheerful brights, moody jewel tones, sophisticated neutralsall work harmoniously in this ingenious, textural stitch.

Firmly spun at a DK-weight, Arbor is a classic workhorse of a yarn that is entirely produced in the United States. The round, 3 ply composition creates firm fabric with great stitch definition and light, woolly softness.

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the scarf pattern. We’ve selected a few of our favorite combinations of Arbor below or go to the Arbor page to pick your own colorway.

Approx. 5 x 66"/13 x 168cm after blocking.

4 skeins Brooklyn Tweed Arbor (145 yds/132m each), one each in four colors. Designate colors A through D (our sample used the Sock Monkey colorway: A = Humpback, B = Heron, C = Driftwood, D = Alizarin).
Or approx. 380 yds/347m total of an equivalent DK-weight yarn. Our sample used approx. 134 yds/122m of Color A, and 82 yds/75m each of Colors B, C, and D.

US 10 (6mm) 29"/74cm circular needles, or size to obtain gauge.
Stitch markers. Blunt darning needle to finish.

Approx. 23 sts = 4"/10cm in linen stitch, before blocking.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: K = knit; P = purl; RS = right side; Sl 1 = slip one (insert right needle into first stitch on left needle as if to purl, transfer stitch to right needle without working it); St(s) = stitch(es); WS = wrong side; YB = bring yarn to back between needles; YF = bring yarn to front between needles.

This scarf is worked lengthwise. Tails left at the beginning and end of every row are knotted into a fringe.

Cast on: With Color A, leave a tail of approx. 8 yds/m and, using long-tail cast-on method, cast on 380 sts. (Alternatively, if you are knitting from a center-pull skein, work long-tail cast-on from both ends of ball: Knot together one end from outside of ball and one end from center, leaving 8"/10cm tails. After you've cast on, cut end from outside of ball, leaving 8"/10cm tail, and knit from center.)

Tips: When casting on, place a marker every 40 stitches (20 sts after final marker)–this will make counting the large number of cast-on stitches much easier. Later the markers will help you see very quickly if you get off pattern (you should always end with a Sl 1 just before each marker).

When working in linen stitch, watch that the ‘floats’ (the strands that result from bringing the yarn forward and back across slipped stitches) are off-set from the floats on the prior row, not directly above them. When working purl rows (WS) your floats will appear on the opposite side of your knitting. On knit rows (RS) your floats will appear at the front. That is, your floats should always appear on the knit side (RS).

Row 1 (WS): Still using Color A, *P1, YB, Sl1, YF*, repeat between * * to last 2 sts, P1, YB, Sl 1. Cut yarn, leaving a 5"/13cm tail.
Row 2 (RS): Beginning again with Color A and leaving a 5"/13cm tail, *K1, YF, Sl 1, YB*, repeat between * * to last 2 sts, K1, YF, Sl 1. Cut yarn, leaving a 5"/13cm tail.

Cut yarn at end of every row, leaving a 5"/13cm tail, and leave a 5"/13cm tail at the beginning of every row. Every now and then, stop and knot two ends together with an overhand knot, nudging knot up close to the work. Don’t tighten now; knots will be adjusted later.

Work 2 more rows in Color A, then, continuing in linen stitch as established, begin the following color sequence:

Rows 1-2: Color B
Rows 3-4: Color C
Rows 5-8: Color D
Rows 9-10: Color C
Rows 11-12: Color B
Rows 13-16: Color A

Repeat these 16 rows two more times.

With Color A, repeat Row 1 (WS).

Bind off in pattern on RS, matching tension of cast-on edge as closely as possible.
Tip: Using a needle one size larger in right hand may help keep bind-off from being too tight. Check tension of bound-off edge every 3−4"/8-10cm and correct if necessary.

Finishing: Gently adjust knots of fringe to even up. With damp cloth, steam press gently on right side. Trim fringe evenly to about 4"/10cm.

Download printable "Striped Linen Stitch Scarf" pdf pattern.

COLORWAY: Sock Monkey (Humpback, Heron, Driftwood, Alazarin).

COLORWAY: Chocolate Bunny (Loam, Carob, Degas, Hammock).

COLORWAY: Flipper (Nightfall, Morandi, Thaw, Treehouse).

COLORWAY: Kingfisher (Kettle, Fleet, Sashiko, Potion).

COLORWAY: Glow Fish (Porter, Rainier, Gale, Tincture).

COLORWAY: Pooh Bear (Black Fig, Cobbler, Vintner, Crumb).

COLORWAY: Fantastic Fox (Dorado, Parka, Klimt, Butte).