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Spots & Stripes Fingerless Gloves Using Shibui Staccato

Spots & Stripes Fingerless Gloves Using Shibui Staccato

"Free pattern for the 2017 LYS Tour!"

Stripes and spotsthese light, silky mitts show off both! A nifty slip-stitch pattern creates a captivating combination of texture and color on each speckled cuff. Then, easy one-row striping extends up the palm from the welt at the wrist. Soft, whimsical, colorful—these mitts are perfect for fresh morning walks and nights around the campfire.

We knit these fingerless mitts in fingering-weight Shibui Staccato. A lovely balance of merino and silk, two plies are spun snugly together for softness and strength. The fine, delicate, drapey fabric has beautiful stitch definition and a silky sheen. And pairing two of Shibui’s rich colors together is so much fun!

You can pick up the pattern in the "Free Pattern" tab and choose a fun colorway below. Or you can put together your own colorway on the Shibui Staccato page.

COLORWAY: Apple-Ash.

COLORWAY: Graphite-Pollen.

COLORWAY: Blueprint-Abyss.

COLORWAY: Imperial-Mineral.

COLORWAY: Pool-Suit.

COLORWAY: Raspberry-Caffeine.


COLORWAY: Abyss-Ash.