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Spots & Stripes Fingerless Gloves

Spots & Stripes Fingerless Gloves

"Free pattern for the 2017 LYS Tour!"

Stripes and spotsthese light, silky mitts show off both! A nifty slip-stitch pattern creates a captivating combination of texture and color on each speckled cuff. Then, easy one-row striping extends up the palm from the welt at the wrist. Soft, whimsical, colorful—these mitts are perfect for fresh morning walks and nights around the campfire.

We knit these fingerless mitts in fingering-weight Shibui Staccato. A lovely balance of merino and silk, two plies are spun snugly together for softness and strength. The fine, delicate, drapey fabric has beautiful stitch definition and a silky sheen. And pairing two of Shibui’s rich colors together is so much fun!

You can pick up the pattern in "The Free Pattern" tab and choose a fun colorway below. Or you can put together your own colorway on the Shibui Staccato page.

Women’s medium: 6½"/16cm around palm (for smaller hands, use smaller needles throughout).

2 skeins Shibui Staccato (191 yds/175m each), one each in two colors. Or approx. 90 yds/82m each of 2 colors of an equivalent fingering-weight yarn. Designate colors A and B. Color A will be used for welts and purl dots in cuff.

US 3 (3.25mm) double-point needles, or size to obtain gauge.
US 2 (2.75mm) double-point needles one size smaller than gauge needle.
Stitch markers: 2 ring markers plus 1 locking marker.
Blunt darning needle to finish.

Approx. 28 sts = 4"/10cm in stockinette stitch.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: K = knit; K2Tog = knit 2 sts together; M1L = make one, left slanting increase (with tip of left needle, lift strand running between needles from the front; knit into the back of it); M1R = make one, right slanting increase (with tip of left needle, lift strand running between needles from the back; knit into the front of it); P = purl; PM = place marker; P2Tog = purl 2 sts together; RM = remove marker; Sl 1 = slip one (insert right needle into first stitch on left needle purlwise, transfer stitch to right needle without working it); SM = slip marker; St(s) = stitch(es); WYIB = with yarn in back.

Cuff and reverse stockinette welts and are worked on smaller needle. Gauge needle is used for stockinette stripes in wrist and hand sections of glove.

Cast on: With smaller needles and Color A, using long-tail cast-on method, cast on 52 sts. Divide sts on 3 needles and join in the round, being careful not to twist.

Welt: Purl 3 rounds. Clip locking marker into fabric at end of third round as a reminder of where the round begins. Move this marker up as knitting progresses.

Cuff: Rounds 1 & 2: With Color B, knit.
Round 3: With Color A, *K1, WYIB Sl 1*; repeat between * * to end of round.
Note: Do not cut yarn between color changes; bring new color up behind old color—this ‘traps’ the color you leave behind, causing colors to twist around each other. To minimize ‘ jog’ resulting from color change, before you knit first stitch with new color, give a gentle tug upwards to snug up last stitch of its prior use. Knit first stitch with new color; gently tug again.
Round 4: Still using Color A, *P1, WYIB Sl 1*; repeat between * * to end of round.
Rounds 5 & 6: With Color B, knit.
Round 7: With Color A, *WYIB Sl 1, K1*; repeat between * * to end of round.
Round 8: Still using Color A, *WYIB Sl 1, P1*; repeat between * * to end of round. Repeat Rounds 1–8 five more times. [48 rounds total]
With Color B, knit 2 more rounds.

Welt: With Color A, knit 1 round, decreasing 4 sts evenly spaced using K2Tog. [48 sts]
Purl 3 rounds.

Wrist: The rest of the glove is knitted in one-round stripes. To make one-round stripes spiral up with no ‘jog,’ always bring the new color ahead of the old color without twisting or ‘trapping’ the old color.
Change to larger needles (gauge needles). With Color B, knit one round. With Color A knit one round. Alternating colors every round, knit 3 more rounds. [5 rounds total]

Thumb gusset: Continuing stripe pattern, make thumb gusset as follows:
Set-up round: With Color A, K22, PM, K4, PM, K22.
Round 1 (inc): K22, SM, MIR, knit to marker, MIL, SM, knit to end of round.
Rounds 2 & 3: Knit, slipping markers as you come to them.
Repeat last 3 rounds until there are 20 sts between the markers, ending with Round 2 (Color B).
Next round: With Color A, K22, RM, slip 20 gusset sts onto waste yarn, RM. Using e-loop (thumb loop) cast-on method, firmly cast on 2 sts. Knit to end of round. [46 sts]

Hand: Continue in stripe pattern until work measures 1¾"/4.5cm from thumb opening and you have completed a round in Color A. Cut Color B, leaving an 8"/20cm tail to weave in later.

Welt: Change to smaller needles and purl 2 rounds. Bind off purlwise.

Thumb: Using smaller needles, slip 20 gusset sts from waste yarn onto 2 double-point needles. With third needle, using new yarn in Color A, pick up and knit 4 sts firmly across the gap (1 st on either side of the 2 cast-on sts, plus the 2 cast-on sts). [24 sts]

Next round: P19, P2Tog (last gusset st together with first picked-up st), P2, P2Tog (last picked up st together with first gusset st). [22 sts]
Purl 1 more round. Bind off purlwise.

Finishing: Weave in all ends. Wet block to finish. Steam press gently using press cloth if desired.
Make another one!

Download printable "Spots & Stripes Fingerless Gloves" pdf pattern.

COLORWAY: Apple-Ash.

COLORWAY: Graphite-Pollen.

COLORWAY: Blueprint-Abyss.

COLORWAY: Imperial-Mineral.

COLORWAY: Pool-Suit.

COLORWAY: Raspberry-Caffeine.


COLORWAY: Abyss-Ash.