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Spearheads Using Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

Spearheads Using Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

"Jared’s Icelandic inspiration."

That subtle, nearly indefinable scent of frost is in the air… Winter has come to Bainbridge Island. And we need something warm to fend it off, quick! The arresting, Icelandic-inspired Spearheads sweater knit up in chunky Brooklyn Tweed Quarry is just the thing.

The bold, colorplay yoke of interlacing chevrons is striking on anyone’s shoulders and our friend Jared Flood has made this design customizable for both women and men. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with Quarry’s heathery color range. Mix light and dark for vivid drama, or softer, complementary tones for a more mellow contrast. We’ve taken Jared’s original light-on-dark scheme and done the complete oppositea dark spirograph on a light body. A resounding success!

This 20-page pattern is filled with meticulous and informative detail, including clear text and easy-to-read schematics. A special techniques guide and abbreviation glossary are also included.

Pick up the pattern below, and then choose your shades of Quarry. See the Basic Details tab for the number of skeins needed for your size. (Please note that if you don't see the pattern below, that means we are temporarily sold out. But we'll have more again soon, so please check back!)

20-page printed pattern (requires shipping)

COLOR: Moonstone.

COLOR: Geode.

COLOR: Slate.

COLOR: Lazulite.

COLOR: Serpentine.

COLOR: Sulphur.

COLOR: Hematite.

COLOR: Flint.

COLOR: Alabaster.

COLOR: Gypsum.

COLOR: Obsidian.

COLOR: Citrine.

COLOR: Sandstone.



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